Current Projects

Winds of the Andes

A Chilean family, an Argentine family, and an American family, drawn into a battle for control of lands known for their beauty, fertile pasture, and untapped mineal wealth. more
From South America, a modern-day western.

A feature film in Spanish and English, for regional and international audiences.
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A Spanish widow and an untamed young Mexican battle over the inheritance from a will in this heart-warming comedy set in Madrid. more
A Spanish-language feature film.
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A Treasure Beyond Price

What if you had to travel half way around the world... more be all the dog you can be?

This is the story of an apricot stanard poodle, Mati, whose accidental journey from San Sebastian, Spain to the slums of India transforms the lives of two familes who, at first, have seemingly nothing in common - one weathy and in Europe, the other destitute in India. During the course of this 6 part blue sky series for families that mixes drama with humor, we will reveal that these families actually have more in common than they could have imagined.
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The 5th Musketeer

What if characters from famous novels could see our world from their book? And then find a way to escape from their book out to us? more
In this four-part fantasy adventure series, musketeers and other characters from Alexandre Dumas' famous novel, "The Three Musketeers" escape into modern-day London, in search of wealth and adventures with people in our world.
Based on a script previously optioned by Disney from writer-director Andrew Bakalar.
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A deaf woman is the sole survivor of a medical trail aimed at hearing restoration, funded by an unknown government organization seeking to leverage scientific innovation for government more
When it’s discovered the treatment not only restored her hearing but dramatically expanded it, so she can hear things on the frontier of sound, like the frequency of the human mind when it thinks (a true scientific fact), Liza's life heads in a new, dangerous direction.
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