Sept 1, 2018:  Avina Media announces its new hub of international operations in Madrid, Spain.  We welcome partnerships with producers, streaming platforms, and networks throughout Spain and Europe open to th development of projects with the potential to reach both local and international audiences.  Please reach out to us via the Contact page.   We are a tri-lingual production company, with fluency in Spanish, English, and French.

October 26, 2018:  Avina Media will be at C21's London Content conference November 27-30.  We look forward to meeting more of our colleagues throughout Spain, as well as in Europe, America, and beyond.  Come say hello to us in London, if not before.

Dec 3, 2018:  Avina attended Content London Novembre 27-30, and was covered in Spain's leading entertainment news website, Audiovisual451:

Aug 20, 2020:  Avina Media will be participating remotely from Madrid in Conecta Fiction in early September, and in person at the San Sebastian International Film Festival later that month.   Our plans at both events is to present our new series projects "The Fifth Musketeer" and "A Tresure Beyond Price," as well as our feature projects "What's the Deal?" and "San Fermin."  We hope to see you remotely in Pamplona and in person in Donostia.

September 1st, 2020 - Avina will be attending this year's San Sebastian Film Festival from September 18-25.  We will be presenting a new slate of series and feature projects for local audiences in Spanish, English, and French.  If you would like to know more about any of the projects listed on our website, or others as yet to be published, please reach out to us via our Contact page.